United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County is a coalition of independent, self-directed neighborhood associations. UNSCC's mission is to promote the creation, development, preservation and enhancement of healthy neighborhoods through education, member services/resources and community outreach. UNSCC is 100% volunteer managed and staffed. The level of available activities and services UNSCC provides is completely dependent on member association volunteer efforts.

All member association officers, directors and other leaders are requested to participate in the UNSCC-Members email discussion group/web site. Through this discussion group/website, members receive important UNSCC news including administrative policies and procedures, meeting announcements, the annual conference announcements and other neighborhood/community announcements and information. Members can then inform or distribute the information to their neighborhood association members.

Member associations are responsible for providing UNSCC with current contact information for their officers. If you have new contact information, please email execdir@unscc.org.

If you are not a member of UNSCC Members email group, please email execdir@unscc.org, with your name, association, leadership title, and phone number and we will send you an invitation to join the group.

What is it all about?

Santa Clara County is filled with fast-moving, busy people and growing families. Its residents are of varied cultures, income levels, religious beliefs, ages and occupations. UNSCC actively supports diversity and believes it contributes to the vibrant nature of our neighborhoods, communities and county.

United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County is where neighborhood leaders and representatives can share ideas, learn from one another, address local concerns, and create healthy neighborhoods. Together, the extent of our accomplishments are limitless.

Neighborhood / UNSCC Volunteering

Each member association is expected to provide volunteer time per year to manage and staff UNSCC activities, annual conference and meetings. Many of our members provide hundreds of hours of volunteer time per year to support their association, multiple neighborhood projects, policy / procedure development committees and UNSCC's neighborhood education and community activities.

Neighborhood Networking

Member associations benefit by networking with other UNSCC members and discussing what is the most efficient and effective methods to accomplish neighborhood activities and goals. Our regular meetings provide an opportunity to regularly meet other neighborhood and community leaders and activists and find new ideas and procedures that benefit your own association and neighbors.

Neighborhood Empowerment and Improvement

Sometimes a large challenge to your neighborhood can seem overwhelming, especially if your association has no experience in a specific activity or challenge before, was previously unsuccessful or is just getting started.

UNSCC member associations and their leader members have had decades of neighborhood leadership experience improving their neighborhoods. Our member leaders can help you and your association achieve your goals by providing extensive information resources, education and networking with local successful local neighborhood leaders.

Working together our independent member organizations that face common problems, can work more effectively and efficiently, share the workload, have more resources, and as a group we have more stronger than any individual neighborhood and can achieve results faster. Individual associations are less effective and have trouble being heard, but together we can really make a real difference in our neighborhoods and communities!.

Insurance Coverage

UNSCC offers participating member associations in"good standing" group commercial liability insurance coverage, if they request and receive approval for their specific neighborhood-sponsored meetings, activities and events. Insurance requests are reviewed individually by the Board of Directors and our insurance company underwriter. For more specific information, see the UNSCC Services page and have your Officers/Directors attend UNSCC's Insurance and Risk Management workshop.

Annual Conference

Each year, UNSCC hosts a conference for all neighborhood organizations in Santa Clara County and nearby counties. The conference includes how-to workshops, inspirational speakers and interactive brainstorming and neighborhood goal-setting. This is a major event, drawing neighborhood, community and political leaders throughout the county.

Information provided at the conference includes how to start a neighborhood association, how to apply for and administer grants, volunteer recruitment, solving common neighborhood challenges and problems, conflict resolution and disaster preparedness.

How to apply to Join UNSCC

If your neighborhood association Officers would like more information or to apply to become a member of UNSCC, please contact us at 408-981-3833.