UNSCC Email List

UNSCC provides an email list that provides important UNSCC news including administrative policies and procedures, meeting announcements, the annual conference announcements and other neighborhood/community announcements and information. Members can then inform or distribute the information to their neighborhood association members. Want to join the conversation, send a blank email to UNSCC-MEMBERS-subscribe [at] yahoogroups dot c o m.

Insurance Coverage - Commercial Group Liability Coverage

UNSCC offers member organizations in good standing routine meeting commercial liability insurance coverage for member-only Board of Director and General Member meetings. This coverage is included with the cost of membership. The UNSCC is not an insurance company.

All payments to the UNSCC are for membership and member services only. The UNSCC does not guarantee coverage and all coverage decisions are made by the insurer and are final.

All other events or activities require a Special Event insurance policy endorsement. Any additional insurance premium costs will be billed by UNSCC to the member organization requested the endorsement. Additional member event insurance costs have generally been between $100-200 per event, but could be substantially higher based on number of attendees, non-member public attendance, or if it is a higher risk activity.

Actual additional insurance policy estimated costs are not available from the UNSCC insurance company, but UNSCC can estimate a billable special event insurance cost based on past events. When compared to like-type coverage provided other insurance companies, the cost to members are lower with greater coverage. In addition, the type of coverage provided by the UNSCC policy is often not available through other channels.

All insurance requests must be submitted on the UNSCC Meeting and Event Insurance Request Form at least 20 days or more prior to the event. Requests should be sent by Email ONLY to (email at any other email address will delay processing). This time is required to provide adequate review time by our Executive Director and insurance underwriter for completeness, policy coverage, and to determine if there will be additional billable premium costs. The UNSCC does not guarantee coverage by our insurer. Late requests may be declined.

To receive insurance coverage from UNSCC you must:

  • Submit a complete insurance request form on a timely basis.
  • Insurance Forms are required for all Special Event insurance coverage. No form submitted, no insurance coverage.
  • All Forms are subject to review and acceptance by the UNSCC and our insurance carrier. Insurance coverage is not automatic

These requirements allow UNSCC to help insure your meetings and events are safe and continue to offer low cost meeting and special event commercial group liability insurance coverage to member associations.

If you have questions, please contact the Executive Director, Ken Podgorsek, at or unitedneighborhoods [at] gmail [dot] com, at least 45 days prior to the required deadline date (the date when you need to furnish proof of insurance coverage for the facility or the actual event date).

Annual Conference

Each year, UNSCC hosts a Annual Neighborhood Conference for our members and all neighborhood organizations in Santa Clara County and nearby counties. The format includes how-to workshops, inspirational speakers, public policy discussions, interactive brainstorming and goal-setting panel discussions for our neighborhoods.

This is a major community event open to the public that draws neighborhood, community, business, organized labor, and political leaders from throughout the county. It provides a forum to learn about important issues and procedures, network, and discuss how to improve our neighborhoods and communities.

Neighborhood Networking

Member organizations can substantially benefit and save time by networking with other UNSCC members who have similar issues and concerns or have successfully addressed these issues. UNSCC regular meetings provide an opportunity to meet other neighborhood and community leaders and find new ideas that will be useful and time saving for your own group.

UNSCC also has an email group, Facebook page, and Internet web site to foster communication between members. To join, email your name, member association association title, and contact information to the Executive Director, Ken Podgorsek, at or unitedneighborhoods [at] gmail [dot] com.