Ty Greaves

Board Secretary

After retiring from roles in high-technology product and program management of avionics and communications systems, I found a home in community service. Not long after our 2001 move to the North San José, I was asked to join the local neighborhood association: the Berryessa Citizens Advisory Council (BCAC) founded in 1979. I was soon elected to serve on the board and since then found new opportunities for leadership and contribution near my home. Board responsibilities as secretary and my terms as past president have given me an appreciation for what a committed community can accomplish. While satisfying to me personally, the BCAC activities and contributions were really about enriching our neighborhood. The BCAC 20+ candidate forums, multiple beautification projects, 32 citizen-of-the-year recognitions, 30 annual ethnic celebrations, redistricting initiatives, and land use engagement touched people and enriched our community.

Then I got to see a more complex mosaic of community-in-action when I was appointed to the United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County (UNSCC). I became present to the power of dozens and dozens of neighborhoods that were in action across the county, and who joined the UNSCC in mutual support and a commitment to expand the number and capabilities of all neighborhood associations.

In 2022 I took on the additional role of UNSCC Managing Member, responsible as Fiscal Agent for the completion of the BeautifySJ Cycle #4 grant program awarded to 80 neighborhoods across the city. This was a bittersweet assignment. “Bitter” because I had to pick up the baton when our wonderful Executive Director, Ken Podgorsek, died unexpectedly. “Sweet” because I got to audit the neighborhood associations’ final reports that showed me how $319,000 of City seed funding generated volunteer hours (valued at $505,000) and in-kind contributions (valued at $117,000) resulting in the completion of slightly more than 280 projects in our community.

My service portfolio includes:

  • 23 years service in the US Navy retiring as a Reserve Supply Corps Commander (O-5). With a focus on aviation supply out of NAS North Island, I worked to ensure the depth and integrity of the Pacific Fleet Military Sealift Command supply vessel’s inventory.
  • 2020-22 Fairgrounds Management Corporation Board Chair – Appointed by then Supervisor Dave Cortese and tasked with bringing a “business perspective” to an operation that the Civil Grand Jury had criticized in 2019. Along with the Board, new Executive Director, and new Chief Financial Officer the financial turnaround was accomplished, and the FMC team is delivering more events, better events, and no longer requires subsidies.


  • BA from the University of California, Berkeley
  • MBA from Santa Clara University


  • Travel – Trips to France, Italy, England, Netherlands, Germany, Czeck Republic, Hungary, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, and Tanzania.
  • Round Dancing
  • Reading – Fiction favorites are Shakespear’s tragedies – Non-Fiction favorites Hofstadter’s Godel, Escher, Bach and anything written by Thomas Sowell.