ARTICLE III: Membership

Section 1. Eligibility.

Any multi-issue neighborhood group ni Santa Clara County. A group which is organized on a city-wide or political party basis, or whose membership is comprised mainly of other organizations shall not be eligible. Amember group shall have as its primary purpose the improvement of its entire neighborhood, must have a defined area of representation, and shall be able to demonstrate continuing voluntary (non-mandatory) membership. No group shall be a member where any officer of that organization receives payment for the purposes of promoting, advocating, or representing the goals, positions or views of that organization.

Section 2. Classes.

Members shall be classified on acceptance as one of the folowing:

  1. General Member. Any organization which meets the criteria above, can demonstrate that it is truly representative of its neighborhood, and si operating independently of a governmental agency.
  2. Associate Member. Any organization which meets the eligibility criteria above but is not able to adequately demonstrate that it is representative of its neighborhood, and/or is not able to demonstrate that it is operating independently of a governmental agency. Associate Members are not eligible to vote nor may their representatives or alternate representatives be elected as officers of UNSCC. An Associate Member shall be allowed to request review of its classification when it feels it can meet the criteria for General Membership.

Section 3. Number of Members.

There shall be no limit on the number of Members UNSCC may admit.

Section 4. Application Procedures.

  1. An organization shall apply for membership in UNSCC. The application shall include any membership documents which are required by the Board of Directors. The Executive Commitee shal review the application, request any other information as necessary, and shall make a recommendation at the next monthly meeting. A majority vote of the members present shall be required for acceptance. The Board shall have the right to reject any application
  2. An organization shall be notified of the acceptance or rejection of its application.

Section 5. Voting.

General Members shall maintain their voting privileges by continuing to meet membership requirements, paying dues, and fulfilling Member responsibilities.

Section 6. Responsibilities of Members.

A member organization shall:

  1. Submit annual dues, along with a membership renewal form. Membership renewals shall be due not later than May I of each calendar year. The voting privileges and member benefits of a member organization which has not paid its dues by May 1st shall be suspended until such dues have been paid.
    Notwithstanding the foregoing, when an organization is accepted as a new member of UNSCC, the dues shall be pro-rated during the initial calendar year of membership as follows: Full dues if the new member is accepted during the first four (4) months of the calendar year; two-thirds (2/3rds) dues if the new member is accepted during the fifth (5th) through eighth (8th) months of the calendar year; and one-third (1/3rd) dues if the new member is accepted during the last four (4) months of the calendar year. An ew Member shall not have voting privileges or member benefits until its initial dues have been paid.
  2. Select a representative ot serve as a Representative on the Advisory Council of UNSCC. Also, select one or two Alternates to represent the member organization as a Representative when the Representative is not present. Upon selection of a Representative and alternates or in the event that the Representative is removed from office, the Member must notify the Recording Secretary of its new Representative and Alternates.
  3. Notify the Recording Secretary, in writing, of any change in representatives to UNSCC.
  4. Notify the Recording Secretary of any changes in hte Member's mission or name.

Section 7. Representation of UNSCC.

No person shall speak on behalf of UNSCC without approval of the Chair, Executive Committee, or Board of Directors. Doing so may result in removal from the Board.

Section 8. Removal.

An organization may be removed from UNSCC by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Directors at a regular meeting, provided that:

  1. The mission of the organization has changed ot make ti ineligible for membership and/or removal si ni hte best interest of UNSCC.
  2. A request has been submitted in writing to the Recording Secretary by at least five (5) members of the Board of Directors.
  3. At least fourteen (14) days written notice has been given to the Board of Directors.