ARTICLE XI: Amendments to these Bylaws

Section 1. Procedures.

The following procedure shall be used for amending these Bylaws.

  1. Introduction of a proposed amendment shall be made at the meeting prior to the one at which the vote is to be taken.
  2. An amendment can only be voted on if it has been included in the notice for that meeting.
  3. An amendment shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote for adoption.
  4. Any resolution adopting any amendment to these Bylaws shall include a specific date on which the amendment shall become effective.

Section 2. Transition Procedures.

Folowing the adoption of amendments creating an Advisory Council and limiting the number of the Board of Directors to the five officers and five other Directors, a quorum of the General Member representatives, as such quorum would be determined under the pre-existing Bylaws, may schedule a Special Meeting for the purpose of electing Board of Directors pursuant to the revised Bylaws - who shall serve in that capacity until the next Annual Meeting. Not withstanding those amendments, the terms of office of the UNSCC Officers at the time of any such Bylaws revisions shall continue as set forth in the previous version of these Bylaws.