ARTICLE X: Parliamentary Authority

Section 1. Procedures at Meetings.

Except as otherwise provided by these Bylaws, all questions of order or procedure with respect to any meeting or action of this organization shall be initially ruled upon by the chair of that meeting. However,any Director may call for a vote upon the chair's decision, which shall be taken without discussion unless a motion for discussion - duly made and seconded - is likewise made by two other Directors. The confirmation or rejection of the ruling by the chair shall be decided by majority vote of the Directors present.

Section 2.

Procedure at meetings shall generally be guided by, and with reference to, Robert's Rules of Order. Not withstanding the foregoing, the chair at any meeting shall have the primary responsibility for encouraging or discouraging further discussion on any topic at any meeting.

Section 3.

In the absence of both the Chair and Vice Chair at any regularly scheduled or otherwise duly noticed meeting of a quorum of the Board of Directors, those present may designate a chair for that meeting by motion and second and majority vote and the Director so-designated may vote on any matter at such meeting not withstanding being elected to serve as temporary chair.